Title : The taeback theme park
Program : Theme park
Location : Gangwon-do, Korea
Gross floor area : 6188.875 m²
Total floor area : 20116.875 m²
Site area: 105233.294 m²
Design Period : 2005. 06. 01 ~ 2007. 01. 31
Construction Period: 2007. 03. 01 ~ 2010

2005 The Winner of Taebaek Design Competition :
Turnkey project with SPACE GROUP & GS E&C

2005 Summer ~ 2007 Winter
As Partner Architect

Water, Fire, Wind and Earth
물, 불, 바람, 흙

Taebaek Theme park is a huge plan to take place in the Gangwon province of Korea. Previously, this place was known to be a mining town, which would change into a newly built tourist attraction area, the theme park. This theme park’s concept is to experience a natural disaster, such as flood, fire, hurricane, and earthquake.
In the theme park, tourists can experience disaster simulation and get information about adequate measures when we encounter such disaster.

My office, SWoS, was asked to work as a partner architect form from SPACE GROUP for the turnkey design competition of TAEBAEK in 2005. My primary role was to design the central orientation building of the Jang Sung Area. This building would be the first construction that tourists would see when they enter the theme park. Every tourist can get all the information about Taebaek Theme Park at the central orientation building.

The main concept was approached from the derivation of “Water, Fire, Wind, and Earth”