Seoul performing Art Center

Title : TheSeoul performing Art Center
Program : Cultural(design competition)
Location : Noddeul Island, Ichon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea
Design Period : 2005

Emerge a huge sailing boat-

You will associate it with slipper-animalcule. The shape of The Nodeul Island is similar to a slipper-animalcule. Indeed, the Nodeul island has not allowed any other form of architecture until now due to this peculiar shape. Also, the volume of the building to be built was somewhat bigger than the size of the island, as it was an opera house.

The island is simply itself. If we don’t establish anything over it, it may be better. So, I imaged a huge floating boat over the Han river. Like a nomadic, just anchored.

Architectural Concept

Based upon an intuition of the opera island generating a kind of musical vibration and changing the flow wave of the river, a concept of trembling become an overwhelmingly common design condition. The topography of ground, landscape element and even a drop of river flow operate as a tool of generator that enables gradual patterns of shaking to formulate tectonic configuration.