Title : In Dreams…..
Program : Exhibition
Location : Design Center Exhibition Hall, Sung Nam , Korea
Gross floor area : 6m X 8m
Design Period : 2001. 08. 15 ~ 2001. 09. 30
Installation Period : 2001. 10. 01 ~ 2001. 10. 15

2001 Living News 21 Exhibition, Fall
As Invited designer

In Dreams…..

Has time ever occurred to you?
Time where reality becomes a dream and vice versa
Dreams are not always conveyed only as a physical phenomenon
They are much more incomprehensible and unsolved
Sense of time, space, distance among matters,
those aspects in reality tend to lose their definitions whilst in dreams
Lost only to grow themselves into infinity
In Dreams,
unlimited boundary is naturally expected to introduce possibilities as well as endless
freedom yet one experiences only the unreliable phenomena
Which leads sense of time, space, distance among matters, and ones’ presence to be
accepted as they are regardless one’s will
Therefore, it is almost inevitable that coexisting endless freedom and unlimited
boundary overlap and weave through one another,
In dreams, certainly
Frequenting transformation in a flow of innumerable cranial nerves unfolding to all
directions and forgetting distinctions between self and others.
There, it now seems to form a definition for a word “Dream”, indeed