Dongbu building renovation

Title : Dongbu building renovation
Program : Office
Location : Euljiro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
Design Period : 2003. 05

Design Philosophy
Sophistication of Detail
Dramatic Night Lighting
Green Building

The Dong-bu choi-dong Building was established in 1968. In 2002, the Dongbu Group decided to renovate this building. Dongbu Group employed Han & Partners architects for the coordination of this project. At the time, I led this project as an associate principal architect and the CEO of Dongbu Group, Jun Ki KIM, requested that our firm outsource the basic design to a foreign architectural firm. He had already experienced working with a foreign office through the construction of the Dongbu Finance building.
The role of Han & Partners architects was to coordinate the project as a local architect. However, our firm kept the rights as the special consultant architect and the power to select the design remained with us. After the Design bidding, FOX & FOWLE Architect’s design was selected. However, according to the feasible study of construction, it was found that the construction fee of Fox & Fowle design plan was too expensive compared with Dongbu Group ‘s initial buget. Dongbu Group re-ordered Han & Partners architects to prepare another renovation plan. According to their needs, we proposed a modified plan based on the Fox & Fowle design approach but the construction fee was reduced to one third of Fox & Fowle’s proposals. Furthermore, new structural truss could stand within endurance of existing structure of the building. The other issue was that the new additional envelope was a requirement of Korean architectural law. The point at issue was the size of gap between the existing envelope and the new additional wall. Also, this was available to maintenance. The final issue was that this was to bring about an advertising effect simultaneously. Therefore, we proposed a dramatic LED lighting on this fabrication.
Finally, this plan was postponed for 10 years despite our efforts
for 1 year because Dong-bu Group ‘s new decision was to put it off for the time being.