SKECHERS in Seoul Flagship Store

Title : SKECHERS in Seoul Flagship Store
Program : Commercial
Location : Myoung-dong, joong-gu, Seoul, Korea
Gross floor area : 45 m²
Total floor area : 130 m²
Design Period: 2004.02 ~ 2004.05
Construction Period: 2004. 04 ~ 2004. 05

The domination at a Blink.
“At times, something strong is all that it takes.”

Because the width of the facade was only 4.8 meters, I designed a glass facade 3.7 meters wide and 7.5 meters high, outlined by a strong frame made of stainless steel.
While most shops in Myungdong have messy fronts filled with numerous products, the high front of the SKECHERS shop, with the height of the first floor being 4.5 meters high thanks to the mezzanine floor, provided a distinct uniqueness to the shop.

blue violet acrylic shelf
To avoid common dull shelves, I fabricated the one and only shelf for SKECHERS made of blue violet acryl using the ‘S’ logo which emphasizes the blueness of SKECHERS in a soft but clear way.

Wall screen layering
The street on which this building stands is absolutely dark, and thus bright illumination is a definite necessity. I created the indirect illumination using fiber roll screen on the entire wall, intended to make the shop bright even amid the sunlight of midday.
This illumination intermittently brings the logo of SKECHERS into relief, which is hanging on the wall behind the translucent screen that covers the entire shop.
Such indirect illumination also purports to make the products of SKECHERS
on the blue acrylic shelf look like jewels, which usually have relatively complex details.

Lime yellow O-WALL
Through persistent supplication, we attained permission from the American headquarters of SKECHERS to use the lime yellow O-shaped wall to bring out the blueness. The lime yellow wall is intended to support the image of the rather cold blueness in consideration of the young girls, the main customers of SKECHERS.
Rather sad, on the other hand, is that this lime yellow color has been employed under the condition of the Korean SKECHERS branch office that it would be used in the Myungdong shop alone.

Bubble chairs
Fantastic sampling corner
The bubble chairs, especially designed to try on SKECHERS sneakers, are intended to make those who try them on want to walk in those shoes right away, as in magic.

Freedom & flexibility
Unlike the first floor where the logo and concept of SKECHERS prevails, the second floor is a space for free arrangement to be used for multi-purposes. In the plain space of the second floor, I placed acrylic furniture by Kartell, which can be freely rearranged in the most modest way.
Though the launching of SKECHERS is somewhat late, the typographies
on the second floor is the only element in focus that informs of SKECHERS’ presence in other parts of the world.

SKECHERS in Seoul, Korea
Skechers, an American shoe brand, has only been available in a small quantity in multi-brand running shoes shops. It opened its first flagship store in Korea in 2004, in preparation for the expansion in the Korean market. It is located in Myungdong, the center of fashion, demanding the aspects of a flagship store along with the advertising effect, and the corresponding sales. I thought “simple intensity” would be the way to go in Myungdong, where a great number of products and commercial buildings overflow.

BLUE table
The massive blue table in the room is a thick line that crosses the narrow, lofty and long space.

Motion LED box
The LED lighting box on the front, designed to show dynamic motions, plays its role of demonstrating freshness and also advertising effect.