Entelligent ltd. Co. Office

Title : Entelligent ltd. Co. Office
Program : Office
Location : Bomun-dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Korea
Design Period : 2005.02~2005.04
Construction Period : 2005.04~2005.05

Concept of Entelligent office design
I completely respect the space itself, so I do not work to show off my own design. If asked what is the concept of Entelligent, I would say it was simply creating a work space entirely devoted to the working environment of the employees. The office space that I suggest should, regardless of the type of work, be natural and support the free thinking of the users. Creation of space that facilitates “transition of thought” rather than space for relentless concentration was the whole idea of Entelligent Project.

Space Design and Floor Plan

Entelligent consists of Development Department,
Administration Department, Research Center and a newly acquired game company.

They are reluctant to expose most of their workspace. It is not common to place Development Department, which needs particular
confidentiality, next to the CEO’s room. It was the CEO’s idea to locate his room in the middle of the Development Department, which is secluded from outsiders.In most cases, the CEO’s office room is situated near a conference room or a reception hall since CEOs have frequent meetings with outsiders. However, the CEO of Entelligent wanted to be in the heart of a delivery room of ideas. He thinks he can go to a venue connected to outer space when he has meetings with outsiders.

For that reason, we decided, along with the client, to place the Development Department and CEO’s room on the 6th floor, and the reception room, Administration Department and the newly acquired company and the research center on the 5th floor.

Outsiders can access up the conference room and a canteen in the reception room on the 5th floor. The first thing you notice when you get off the elevator in Entelligent is a unique puppy character in avid red color. The client, with a highly artistic taste, bought that character from a famous artist since their company logo is also in read. The company’s symbol chosen by the CEO, who has a good sense of the aesthetic as well as an open mind, had been beautifully used to add the final touch to the image of the space. Starting from that, red was selected as the main impact color of Entelligent, with the unique puppy character striking its lovely pose hither and thither.

Conference Room

The conference room occupies a space that can contain 20 people at the same time and can be expanded easily by drawing aside the white wall separating it from the adjoining canteen. It is where ideas are conceived and refined to roll out as a final product. The room is oval-shaped, which was derived from the concept of “egg”. The advantage of oval, in comparison to circle, which can encompass everything pointing to the center, is that it can express progressiveness since it has a dynamic feature due to its instability along with the sense of central inclination. It is from this point of view that the conference room was made in an oval shape, the form of an “egg”.

Each meeting room was given different names of games imposing their character and style. For example, the conference room was called “Unification of Heaven and Earth”, the mid-sized meeting room “Endless Great War”, the one next to CEO’s room “Divine Right”, and the one to be mainly used for reception is named “Cake House”.
As a game company, Entelligent branded each space with the names of their own creation, which strongly links the space and their products.

The 5th floor is made up of the meeting rooms and the reception room, a rather large canteen and a sleeping room, which is needed due to frequent overnight work. There are also Administration Department, Research Center and the newly acquired company on the same floor.

Department on the 6th Floor

6th floor accommodates a function that is not to be exposed to outsiders and requires high confidentiality. Other than fulfilling
the basic functionality, the space design and the floor plan focuses entirely on establishing a place to help the susceptibility
and the conception of ideas.

Except for rooms requiring soundproofing, the whole floor is open and divided by flexible partitions that were used as design elements. The space design was intended to provide “resting place” enabling “change of thought” that intervenes with the office space rather than to make a place for constant concentration. The objective was to utilize the resting time. Shift to a different place brings about change of thought, through which agile ideas can be captured. Combining working place and resting place was actually an experimental attempt for deriving the maximum efficiency in working hours. This is designed
to facilitate the transition of thought in an open comfortable place that reminds you of your home. As every employee uses computers for a long time, the entire illumination is set comparably lower than that of average offices. A canteen is used as a buffer zone located in front of windows, which can accommodate the full day light and facilitates the smooth transition
for eyes accustomed to darkness to the bright external world. The existing textile was removed to introduce a high open ceiling. The naturalness of the open ceiling is designed to be associated with the boundless thought of the workers.

While anti-smoking policies are taken for granted in most of the workplaces, a smoking meeting room is provided on grass to utilize the smoking time of the smokers. In the deep heart of the development area lies the CEO’s space. The CEO of Entelligent requested the main focus to be on the comfort of the employees for the whole office space. Following his request, the meeting room next to his room “Divine Right”- is open to developers first. Nevertheless, this meeting room is designed to be a part of the CEO’s office room, expressing the dignity of the CEO’s meeting place. In addition, the floor is about 300 mm higher than the rest of the space so that you can have a better view of the whole office space from the meeting
room. Also, the difference in the height will intervene in the deliberation of participants of a meeting. The attempt of providing another space inside a room turned out to be a satisfactory meeting room for a number of users.

Story behind the Project

Space design is straightforward when it tries to appeal to the visuals. Entelligent Project, however, was one, where such aspect had to be eliminated as much as possible,for it was about welfare of employees working for a mobile game company, who spend at least 8 hours a day endeavoring to create new ideas. The client was a psychology professor who became a CEO of a mobile game company.
His primary demand goes like this: “The place is not for showing to visitors. We need “our own space” that is comfortable and conspace
to themselves, can conceive ideas.

Entelligent Project kicked off late January and concluded on April 2. The drawing took about a month. The construction started in early March, and with that started construction supervision and the supplementary design drawing on a fast track, which lasted for a couple of weeks.
The office moved in early April. Now a month and a half later, both the client and the office users are highly satisfied with their workplace.
Most of all, they love the office space they practically live in it. As an interior designer, it was a great opportunity to work on a project like that. In a sense, the level of users’ satisfaction rather than the aesthetics prevails in such a project. I was also pleased that it was made possible in their workplace.