Won & Won Company Sculpture

Title : Won & Won Company Sculpture
Program : Exhibition
Location : Sungsu 2-ga, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Korea
Design Period : 2007

The modern interpretation of
“an architectural blessing ritual with a traditional shingle.”

We try to reenact what our ancestors would perform after a completion of building a house through modern interpretation. This is an effort to express the over 20 years of history in a company through the basic significance of Yin & Yang and the five elements, and furthermore, to express their conjunction symbolically.
Each and every one of the 60 transparent shingles of non-consciousness show the passage of time. This implies the ancient praying for the “completion of energy” and also signifies a company’s growth and completion like the existence of the four different seasons, spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Company representation Hall

History / Philosophy / Wishing

“humble architectural blessing ritual”

In modern architecture, laying a shingle in a traditional Korean house or building a Korean house has become an uncommon act. For us, such act of devotion and blessing becomes realized through a ritual of offering a writing, word after word with care in a “humble architectural blessing ritual” thereby allowing the subconsciousness of architectural base to be built, although the actual structure is not.

The 60 transparent shingles symbolize the shingles in our subconsciousness whose traditional existence is nowhere to be found. “Accumulation,” a method of constructing the shingle structure signifies how a company has accumulated its history, and it also speaks of the history of devotion and accumulation.
The 60 geometrical steel plates that show a variety of changes in red color, also express the high-tech system, the growth and development of the company. That is, they represent the prayer for the future and the company’s history by way of bringing life to “our architectural blessing
ritual from subconsciousness” and also symbolize the harmony between the traditional and modern times.

Transparent The Tiles &Geometric plate

Accumulating & Wishing
Transparent tile & Transcript

Color variation Metal plate


Impact / Natural / Aesthetic

Exist by itself. — Sculpture.

Its existence is asserted through the true material characteristic.
The exterior is made of a material characteristic (pure metal-steel sheet), and its exterior layer is a finished of a natural steel sheet thereby symbolizing “the solid reasoning of human beings as shown from the outside” and the interior layer is finished with Corten and it symbolizes the “meaning inside that holds variety of changes and also the changes in the quality of reasoning.” Further, the reflective sphere, which is an actual center structure, signifies the “reflection (refraction-counter existence) and the hidden self. Such various compositions that reflect the actual existence of reasoning are made into a homogenized body, which is a modern gesture, and thereby symbolizes the absurdity of reasoning and its actual existence.

The three counter existences

First, Reaction – counterweight.
As a counterweight in the environment within the forest-like broad and light transparent space (the characteristic of modern space), it is an associative body that reacts to the surrounding through high density and heavy weight more than anything else as it is anchored; it thereby senses its own existence.

Second, Reflection – refraction
The falsity and not the truth; it does not exist as to what it exists of
The approach to the reverse meaning in the sight of existence.
The distorted image reflected on the sphere and the reflection of what it wishes for and what it does not.
What is true between becoming fascinated with the actual body when looking at itself that is hiding while the fascinated self is false.

Third, Violation – false -”ask for reasoning”
The common lounge chair rule is material, formality, image, material characteristic or formed image; it is a violation of the combined methods thereof. This is in violation of the common furniture design thereby becoming false. However, this means that such violation brings about tension and through such tension, one asks for reasoning. That is, where there is bodily tension, it is easier to reflect on oneself and facilitate one’s reasoning.

The yin yang, the five elements, the ten celestial stems,
and the twelve horary signs

The completion of the exclusive energy of five elements (tree, fire, earth, metal, and water) is what comprises the origin of the universe and they become the basic substance of every life including human
beings. The five elements signify production (tree), extension (fire), harmony and completion (earth), reduction and fruition (metal), rest and cohesion (water). The yin stands for space (concept of existence) and the yang stands for time (changing flow). The ten celestial stems are the units in counting
days and the twelve horary signs used to count the months. These explain the passage of time and once the 60 units pass by a new set of 60 units resumes.