Yeo In je, SO Studio, 2013 1st semester Hanyang Univ

Yeo, In je


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Project A
We have to make ‘cartestrian void’ using new method. So I thought the Korean traditional ‘han-ok’
And find out the relationship of each system and their own fitting system.
So I made the ‘void’ using that special things
Next, we make the place to sit, stand and lie using new way.
I made very Ideal place. There are no chair, no door and no bed
But there are ‘Place’ to sit, stand, and lie.
I made abstract chair, door and bed.


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Project B
Creating new datum plane, make new style of habitat.
I want to bring movement of water. So surface be a datum plane.
That make place more active and fun.
And put design the frame which construct by new fitting system.
It will make house beautiful more.
And we found new ground to build.

Written by EunChun

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