Kim Se hun, SO Studio, 2013 1st semester Hanyang Univ

Kim, Se hun


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Project A
Stacking and Knitting
To construct a vertical wall on the ground(in this case without using adhesive), I found that stacking or knitting a simple module repeatedly is quite an effective way cause of its easyness to modify the structure and the design. So in this project I focused on making those kind of basic modules. By this stacking(or knitting) process various types of patterns appear inevitably. And I think making such patterns is the simplest way to form an architectural design. It's like giving the users opportunities to create their own custom made structures which is meaningful for designer and user both.



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Project B
How to Restorate; desert
Just living in the desert will cause tremendous effects of restorating whole dead area around the structure. The user of ‘seed’ is able to live in this building without supplement in the middle of the desert, collecting the waters of the desert wind and even reforest the nearby area just by living there. The ‘seed’ itself is a seed that will grow into a new oasis which will change the unlivable space;desert into green and fertile space.


Written by EunChun

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